This is a public art series, designed to experiment with the reactions of casual passersby, by placing the golem in unexpected locations. It also serves as guerrilla marketing, creating buzz for the rest of the project.
April 30th
Unknown: "Simpson"
U: "Baskervilles checking in Scarlet"
U: "Simpson is an irregular"
Me: "The grey tuna sleeps bi-monthly"
U: "Brooks and brown watch over alumni park"
M: "Purple and blue observe the subtle ground"
U: "Tommy trojan looks up at them"
M: "The eyes see far, but the hands are empty"
U: "Herman ostrow school of dentistry, university of Queensland, university of Cambridge, Sherlock Holmes speculation, the adventure of the three students Wiki links"
U: "What's your mannequin's name?"
U: "I found him"
M: "You found big Gymmi? Is he safe?"
U: "He is. I think he was just looking around. Does he like looking up at statutes? [sic]"
M: "Well he feels a certain kinship with them"
April 18th
April 14th
March 20th
March 11th