Of Gods & Golems was on display May 5 - 10, 2012.
May 10, 2012:
The installation came to a conclusion today. Overall, it was a tremendous success; thank you to everyone who participated! Look for the animation to be posted here soon.
May 1, 2012:
During the most recent Sighting, someone found the contact card in the golem's pocket, and sent a text message. This prompted a most peculiar conversation, which is transcribed here.
March 29, 2012:
The trailer for Of Gods & Golems (as well as the prototype golem) will be shown during First Move, at the Directors Guild of America on April 26th.
December 2, 2011:
Movement Is Life and Sixty Frames Per Minute will both be on display tonight at Winteract, the mid-year Interactive Media thesis show.
October 17, 2011:
Sixty Frames Per Minute was submitted to the Independent Games Festival.
April 19, 2011:
The initial concept for the project was proposed under the working title Missed Moments.